My Fundraiser for Battle Speed Volume 1! COME ON PEOPLE! GIVE ME SOME MONEYS! 


I am the creator of Battle Speed, and I would like to be able to publish some physical copies of the book to sell and have available for future sales. But I need some start off funds. That’s why I’m here. I want to be able to hand a person Battle Speed and let them enjoy the story in a physical format.

The Impact

Here I will be able to have copies of Battle Speed to help fund my future endeavors; such as conventions, other projects, merch for my con tables and other stuff. Being able to sell off copies of Battle Speed will help me in the long run. Plus get my comic out to the world.

What We Need & What You Get

Basically what I need is $600 dollars. With Indiegogo, if I don’t make it to that amount I can at least order as many books as I can and still be able to send you wonderful folks a copy. With the $600 dollars I’ll be able to purchase my first batch of books and also be able to send the books out to you folks. With any extra will go towards my convention fund. I’m heading out to a couple of conventions this year and with any extra dough I’ll be putting it towards my merch and table stuff.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t help out with a donation right away, don’t worry there’s 60 days! But don’t wait too long, might miss out on some awesome stuff! Just help out by reblogging and sending out the message to fellow artist and lovers of the art! Keep up on my other sites!




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