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Some good tips about comic lettering from Nate Piekos of

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Eating some in and out burger for once!! Let’s try it!





that calling women of color exotic is

  • fucking racist
  • dehumanizing
  • othering
  • and not a fucking compliment



hells yeah better off ted

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Not the first time with the hat. And way before the last time either lol

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Dandy has his mind set.

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I want to go to bed but I don’t want to yet.

I’ve been here for 4 days already and dealing with drama. Just saying

Otherwise good. It’s my sunday I have to work at like 2 tomorrow so no worries.

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Here’s some pics from the Grand Canyon. It’s such an amazing sight. The north rim allows you to experience the canyon on its edge. Apparently on the South Rim there’s a fence stopping you from reaching on the edge. So far the past couple of days I sit on the edge and just look out at the canyon and take in the wind, smell, sight, warmth, and beauty. There’s a lot more forest than I thought would be in Arizona, so I’m basically camping out in the forest. 

If you ever visit the Grand Canyon I suggest the North Rim. You get a lot better experience.



I’m pleased to present my variant cover for Detective Comics #33, coming soon. Batman vs The Kings of the Sun!

Big thanks again to my buddy JOHN RAUCH for the amazing colors.

Check out this awesome shit!! I wanna draw batman!

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Did this last night. Playing with some colors! #kcco